September 6, 2009

A. What special benefits could my students gain from visiting this field trip site?

My students will identify and recognize plants from the four collections at the Arboretum. In addition, they will learn what plants have to adapt to different climates around the world. They will gain knowledge about the diversity of plants, which includes a variety of species and types. They will touch and smell each plant from each region. Most importantly, they will enjoy the beauty of the Fullerton Arboretum.

B. What would I need to do to adequately prepare my students before the visit?

To adequately prepare my students for the visit, I will read them a short story about plants. I will also bring pictures or real artifacts of different plants, fruits, vegetable and trees to class to help my English Language Learners learn the necessary vocabulary for this field trip. I will also give a mini-lesson on what plants need to survive and how they can modify their parts to survive in different climate and soil type.

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